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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Which wine is better?? Here's the only true answer

Anyone working with wine knows this question all too well. The consumer loves to attach the tag good, better, and best to all items being purchased and especially with wine. We love to find the best wine for the best price and do everything in our power to find the "BEST" deal.

I used to take the easy road on this one and just give the people a straight answer and recommendation stating: "This one right here is the best". Problem is, with wine it's just not that simple. What one defines as the best can be looked at by another as garbage and vice versa. Plus you have to factor in the "best for what??"

If were talking the best wine to serve with Italian cuisine, then the answer could easily change from California Cabernet to Montepulciano di Abruzzo. It all depends on the individual palate, food pairings, regional styles, and even the weather and time of day you're serving the wine.

So, when some one asks this question I have a simple answer for them that usually pisses them off, but is the only right answer......

I simply say... " Well, neither wine is better than the other, they're just different".

You see with wine, there is no clear cut or defined "best". Critics can opine all they like and say that one wine is better than another, when in reality there is no better or best, but just different.

P.S. This is why no one should pay any attention to my scores when I write about these wines. Those scores are just for my enjoyment and entertainment factor. Just because I say a wine is a 70 point wine and another a 95 point wine, doesn't mean the 95 pointer will taste better to you. It just means it appealed to my personal taste better than the 70 pointer. Cheers!


Unknown said...

Good Point... Since I began following your blog about a month or so ago, we've clashed on a wine or two and agreed on others.

Are you in the industry?

thomas said...

Thanks for following! It's all a matter of opinion and I never claim to be right about any of it. It's fun for me to analyze the wine and write about them and that's why I do it. Yeah, I work in a cellar with about 2500-3000 bottles.