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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Building a closet wine cellar

Building a closet wine cellar can be a very simple project or quite an investment of time and money. I chose the "simple project" route and turned my office walk-in closet into a make shift wine cellar. I do want to further my project and put in a cooling system, insulation, wood flooring (instead if carpet), and some nice wine shelving or racks.

Some things one might consider when building a closet wine cellar are:

1. Keeping the temperature and humidity at the right levels
2. If you install a cooling system, you need a nice tight cellar door
3. Make sure the closet is properly insulated
4. Location of the closet should be in a cool spot of the house

As you can see here I have just started this project and have lots of wooden wine box lids that I plan to put on the walls for a more cellar like look! I place a bunch of old wine bottles on the upper shelf for decor. I plan on putting in wooden or tile flooring and insulating the walls too. The cooling system I will invest in as soon as everything else is finished.

This is just my son acting cool inside the new closet wine cellar! Little rascal!!

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Unknown said...

Hi! Well, I'm sure that this post wasn't in response to our "Change The World Wednesday" challenge on repurposeful crafting but ... I love that you're using old bottles for decor and the box tops to line the walls. I think that qualifies you as a member of our "Honor Society". So, be sure to stop in tomorrow to see your name "in lights".

Great blog ... I'm now following you on twitter! :)

Take Care!

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