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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An ode to the "BRAND"

I often wonder whether the scurrying Cakebread fiends or the Santa Margarita soccer moms ever stop to think that there's life beyond the brand......

"Do you have Cakebread?"
"Do you have Rombauer Chardonnay?"
"Do you know where I can find the Silver Oak?"

Sometimes I just smile and sell it to them! Heck it's an eighty dollar sale for a Cakebread Cab or a bottle of Silver Joke....oopps I mean oak!

"Why yes we have a bottle of Opus"........ I say with a smile....$$CHA CHING$$ (while my soul rots inside)

Truth is, in this economy the lowly sommelier can scarcely afford to educate these pour unfortunate wine souls. But if we could, and if we were true to the cause, we'd shed light down from Bacchus' throne on every money wasting, salivating, brand whore, everyday wine consumer.

We'd enthusiastically proclaim from the cellar ceilings, "For the price of that bottle of Caymus Cabernet, you could easily afford five bottles of the most beautifully crafted Sicilian Nero d' Avola!!"

We'd lovingly inform them that, "Six bottles of the most amazing Spanish Monastrell would surely satisfy as much as that over-manipulated, oak chipped, hundred dollar, trophy wine!"

An though it tugs at the heart to see them scoff at the idea of something different and uniquely unbranded, I am reminded that the world needs this type of consumer.

For as long as they exist to overspend on the flashy labeled, popularized, and press exalted bottles, us corkdorks will be scooping up the hidden little gems that have yet to be made into BRANDS.

( I actually really like some of the wines I mentioned in this rant! I just used their names as examples of popular brands. Caymus, Silver Oak, Rombauer, Opus One, and Cakebread are all respectable wines and wineries which I have enjoyed in the past. I do believe that they are vastly over priced though)


Michael Hughes said...

Great post. We all feel that way sometimes.

thomas said...

Thanks for the comment! I just like to blow off steam sometimes. Today I literally got asked for Cakebread three separate times again.

However, I did talk a couple into buying a Theise Riesling at $35 that they had never heard or seen before! I know they will love it!!

Michael Hughes said...

Its those small victories that keep us going, no?

Nancy said...

A few weeks ago I did finally taste one of those "soccer mom" Santa Margherita pinot grigios. I thought it tasted like wood and water. It was very flavorful -- if you like wood and water.

Nancy said...

By the way, I'll bite -- re your recent comment: what's wrong with foodbuzz? They seem nice.

Thomas said...

Didn't say they were mean. Just said there are better ways to monetize.

Nancy said...

Such as? (Still biting.)