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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Auctions for free stuff! -

I recently came across a really cool website. It's called and it's essentially like the Ebay of free stuff . Listia offers people a way to get rid of the stuff you no longer want and get cool free stuff in return. Everything on Listia is being given away by users for free. You can get items for free by using credits, instead of cash, and each item is being auctioned off using those credits for bidding. No cash, no fees, just free stuff being given away by users.

What's cool is they are also offering 300 credits to new users who list an item. The site is really amazing they have everything from antiques to sporting goods! It's like visiting a online garage sale, accept everything is free!

The toys section is amazing and I plan on getting some free toys for my boys and perhaps swapping out some of the ones that they no longer play with. There's all kinds of collectibles that I also plan on going through and like I said it's like a free garage sale and you'll never know what treasures you might find. Check it out ->

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