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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't dump it out! Drink it or Half it ..........

How many of us have opened a full 750ml bottle of wine, had a glass or two, then simply re-corked the thing and shoved it in our fridge, only to never touch it again?

I know this happens too me constantly and with down right expensive wines too!

Well, according to a new study done by Wrap, a government agency, in Britain alone they are throwing out £470M ($752M ) worth of wine every year.

Many of us open a bottle of wine and anticipate having it for the next few days to enjoy with our dinners or to consume a glass or two every night until it's gone. We open the bottle with good intentions but then life wrenches it's way in between us and the poor grape juice and then soon enough were pouring it down the sink.

If your as guilty as I am with this, I can offer what in my opinion is the best solution.......HALF IT!

Next time when you make it down to your local wine shop. do yourself a favor a buy a screwcaped 375ml bottle of wine. After consuming it, rinse it out real well and now you have an amazing tool at your disposal.

You when you open a standard size bottle you must first immediately poor half into this empty half bottle and then screw it tightly shut and store it in the refrigerator. This will help the wine to stay fresh for at least a whole week longer, so you'll have more time to get back to it and drink the rest when it's convenient.

One final note: Make sure that you make the transfer into the half bottle right away as you do not want much oxygen to get to the wine before re-bottling it. oh.... and fill it up all the way to the top too.


Joeshico said...

What a great idea. Feel stupid I never thought of it before. Just dumped an excellent Lemberger I opened last weekend. Could have enjoyed a glass or two tonight had I decanted into a 375ml screw top after opening.

Sam - 1000 Corks said...

The secret is making sure that there is no oxygen left in the bottle.

To ensure this, a half bottle with a cork is even better than a screw-cap.

Fill the bottle up to the point that when you put the cork in just the tiniest amount overflows. Then you can be sure that there is (almost) no oxygen in the bottle.