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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finding the hidden wine gems

One of the funnest things that has to do with enjoying wine is finding joy in the hunt for the hidden gems! Anyone can grab a bottle of Caymus or if you prefer Bordeaux then lets say......Latour for example, but the real joy is in finding a hidden beauty.

I remember realizing how damn good a bottle of Marietta Cabernet was when I reviewed it and gave it 100pts on a QPR scale.....and I believe a 92+ point overall score. Now that to me is a hidden gem and especially for twenty bucks! I must have bought a dozen bottles of the 05' vintage until it was sold out on the shelf.

Now just because I say "hidden gem" doesn't necessarily mean the wine has to be from some obscure place or winery. Marietta has been around for years and has even received some really smashing press in the past. What it means to find a gem like this is to find the right wine, in the right vintage, for a knockout price, and finding it when it's under the radar.

When you come across a great little wine that you believe to be unbelievably good for the price and is perhaps worthy of some time in the cellar, then buy a case and enjoy it for as long as you can before the normal wine crowd figures it out. Trust me they always do!

P.S.... don't be afraid to quiz you local shop owner or wine steward for their little gems. You'll be surprised to find out just what they have stored away for themselves. They never have the money to buy it for themselves but often times love to hoard it away!

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