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Thursday, February 11, 2010

2000 Paolo Scavino Barolo Bric dël Fiasc

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful wine dinner at a close friends house. Among the thirty or so wines present and the dinner/wine tasting was this Barolo.

Now, I know that this producer is quite well known in the world of Italian wines and Barolo in specific, but there was something quite humble about this wine even though it's world class stuff.

You see, at this wine dinner there were several better known or perhaps fancy "cultish" like bottles being passed around. The ooohs and the ahhss were like leaky faucet drops

The funny thing is while this wine wasn't at first the talk of the table, by the end of the night it was considered to be the best wine of the event. Perhaps it was because of the drab "old world" looking label, or the fact that half of the participants probably hadn't ever experienced aged world class Barolo before. I just thought is was an ironic situation and maybe a gesture to the over publicized and sometimes over rated California cult scene.

Anyways, here are my tasting notes:

On the nose I get intense and complex layers of tea berry, sweet tobacco, prune, chocolate, cherry, leather, and tar. The bouquet continues to develop and change like a chameleon as the wine opens up throughout the night.

On the palate this wine is completely classic Nebbiolo with intense cherry notes that combine with tea leaf, prune, sarsparilla, leather, and cranberry flavors. This wine although a decade old is showing like a baby with huge but extremely round tannins. The finish lasted at least a minute or two. Excellent wine.... 95 points


RNSANE said...

Since my job loss and retirement
( income drop of $90,000 a year ), I will no longer be drinking barolos of this quality but I, certainly, still enjoy reading about them.

thomas said...

That's why you have to get some good wine collector buddies like me! Cheers and thanks for the comments!

Bonnibella said...

I find the old world label attractive too as I would have probably migrated towards this wine. Very informative blog and I'm still learning about wine.