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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pulling the trigger on your wine allocations in 2010

It's that time of year again where the spring wine allocations are coming through. I received my Williams Selyem, Kosta Browne, and BOND allocation letters all inside a weeks time. With the current economic climate one has to sincerely ask himself if he/she can muster up the stones to pull the trigger this time around.

Trust me the feeling of uneasiness doesn't really hit you until you look at your bank statement! But I , like many have decided to take a pass from my previous indulgent allocations and only pick the few that I think will 1# Be profitable to me.... or 2# Be absolutely impossible to find equivalents in a lower price point.

Are the days of allocated wine coming to an end? Will wineries such and Harlan, Bryant Family, Colgin, and the much celebrated Screaming Eagle become regulars on the retail floor? Will their price points drop because they can't sell their grape juice in tough economic times?

I guess only time will tell if the cult wine market will adjust itself to these crazy times.

Will you be pulling the trigger on your allocations this time around??

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