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Sunday, March 14, 2010

2005 Chateau Duhart-Milon

I must admit that I have a serious issue when it comes to holding off on these young vintages of good Bordeaux. It's by far my favorite region for red wine and I'm addicted to the stuff!

The 2005 Chateau Duhart-Milon is just a continuation of the constantly improving quality of the wine from this estate. Bobby Parker asked the question if it was the "Best Duhart-Milon ever made?" He was no doubt going gaga for the wines of 05' like the rest of us.....

The estate is planted to about 69% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, and 3% Cabernet Franc. The final blend for this vintage contained 71% Cabernet and 29% Merlot. It was aged in French oak barrels (crafted at the cooperage located at Lafite) for around 14-16 months (50-55% new oak).

The wine has a deep ruby red color with a solid dark and almost black core. I have noticed that Bordeaux in general has started to have a deeper color. Perhaps they copied California on this one?? Wait.....they've been copying California on a lot of things in the last decade. Like having their wines be more approachable upon release and producing a more ripe and lush style~~

The nose at first was completely closed down and almost muted, but after about an hour of decanting, the wine has opened up significantly and is showing some really amazing and complex layers. I get aromas that remind me of black currant, spice, black cherry, leather, crushed rocks, graphite, black plum, tea leaf, and soil.

On the palate the wine is rich and full bodied, but also sleek and sexy. I love this about Bordeaux, they produce wines with incredible power and richness while maintaining a wine that is relatively low in alcohol and not viscous or thick in texture. The great Chateaux rarely over-extract the wine making it heavy and/or clumsy. Balanced.

The flavors are based around a core of ripe black cherry, while secondary flavors of cedar, leather, graphite, blackberry, black plum, tobacco, tea leaf, crushed rocks, and cedar all unfold in multiple and interchanging layers. This wine is also accompanied by a dense layer of firm but quite ripe and sweet tannin. The finish is long and extended with some lingering black tea and plum-cherry notes.

This baby Duhart-Milon will last at least a couple decades in the cellar, but is as balanced and ripe as you would expect from any top wine from the 05' Bordeaux vintage. Stellar stuff 93+ Points

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Scott said...


What is your opinion on how long this one can cellar? I'm looking to put away a couple bottles from the year of each of my neice's and nephew's births to share with them when they turn 21, and lucky for us one is born in 2005. Obviously going to go Bordeaux on that vintage!!