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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great article about the "Science of Aging Wine"

Recently I came across a great article about the science of aging wine. It talks about the history of aging wine and about the general chemistry behind this practice. If you've ever wondered exactly why it is that some wine greatly improves over time (provided it's stored in the right conditions) then this article will break it down for you.

I for one have always enjoyed drinking properly aged wine and often encounter self-loathing when I think of how many bottles I could have saved and enjoyed if I'd had the patience to cellar them for a few years.

As we all know, wine is a living, breathing, and constantly changing elixir. It unfolds in stages and can become extremely complex when it's chemical makeup is just right. Acid, tannin, esters, and other various elements all contribute to this beautifully intricate and scientific evolution.

If you're interested in the nuts & bolts process of aging wine then check out this great article! Science of Aging Wine


Anonymous said...

That was a very interesting article. I've always been unnerved by the thought of laying down wine because there really is no way of knowing when the perfect time to pop the cork actually is. At least with a little scientific understanding of the process I'm a little closer to making an educated case. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I found that it was only when I became a fan of reds that I really could appreciate wines. The white wines for some reason never appealed to me that way.
I agree with you in your regret as to how many bottles of wine were drank without any appreciation or even time to properly age~

thomas said...

Gracias for the comments! I love it when new generous commenters visit! Cheers~