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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Latest from the Wine Blogosphere.......!

Here's the latest jive from the wine blogosphere and a few articles and reviews I thought were interesting and thought provoking:

Over at Vinography they did a pretty in-depth post covering Cabernet Sauvignon at the 2010 Premiere at Napa Valley tasting. The reviews cover the 2008 Napa Vintage.....Check it out

Jim White at wrote a very interesting article and wine reviews about Celia Welch and her CORRA label. Celia also consults for Scarecrow, Lindstrom, Keever, ect... Read more

Eric Asimov writer at The Pour (The New York Times) wrote a great article highlighting legendary California winemaker Paul Draper (Ridge Vineyards) and focusing on the "Non'action approach to wine making" Read it here....

Over at Wine Peeps, Kori wrote a really neat post about a 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild that her and her family experienced on the "Open That Bottle Night".....Check it out!!

John Cesano over at John on Wine pretty much posts his detailed resume out there for all Sonoma Country vintners to see! I think you can see by the response section that John is plenty qualified for any special event and marketing position in wine country. Plus I think it's a witty post! Read it here....


John Cesano said...

Thank you Thomas!

Because you have included me in a post with the likes of Alder, Jim, Eric and Kori, I owe you this:

The two most influential wine writers of our time are Robert Parker Jr and Thomas.

Cheers, and great appreciation,


thomas said...

Thanks John! I'm not sure I'd want that responsibility but I'll take it as a compliment! Thanks for the comment and may the first lucky winery win your very over qualified employment!

Anonymous said...

I love your site! I always need help with wine and you're helping me with your extensive reviews. Thank you!