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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

List of things needed for an amazing wine party

I've been to countless wine parties in the last five or so years and have come up with a list of musts for a great party! It's important to remember that the people attending are really the most important element, but there are a few things that can add to the experience. Here you go:

1: Good Music - Usually bluesy-style jazz works! Rap, hard rock, religious....not so much :)

2: Good Eats - A big meal isn't always needed, however something to cleans the palate and pair with the wine is essential. Cheese and cracker is the no brainer, but what about Spanish tapas or perhaps a fig cake of sorts?? The more exotic the selection the more memorable. Just make sure it's not too offensive!

3: Bottled Water - This is essential for those guests who love to swallow every pour. You're not going to want to use any extra dishes or create much more of a mess. Bottled water is cheap and very convenient for you and your guests. Plus no one wants to get sick or dehydrated.

4: Stimulating Conversation - Have a laptop close by in the case you want to talk about wine press! Keep the convo away from controversy and try to get the guests focused on the beauty and intricacy of the wine. Keep the music low enough.....perhaps some wine trivia? Ask people around the table specifically of their thoughts on a particular wine.

5: Proper Stemware - Having enough wine stems for your guests is the number one priority, but if you can make sure that most of the stemware is similar in style it's a huge plus. Tough to have one guest sipping his Cabernet out of a Riedel Somm series while another drinks from a souvenir art gallery glass!

6: Extra wine Gadgets - Decanters, filters, Ah-So wine opener, wine charms, pens and paper (for note takers), and everything else that may enhance the wine experience and make life easier for the ceremony of special wine openings and the needed nostalgia.

7: Clean facilities - Don't forget that people will be using your restroom at an abnormal rate of frequency. Having things clean and stocked leaves everyone in a positive frame of mind.

8: Elimination of fragrances - If you're used to having a potpourri filled house loaded with floral, vanilla, or bacon try to air things out a bit before you serve the good stuff. Nothing worse then smelling cinnamon stick in every wine!

9: Baby Sitters - We all know how cute you think your kids are, but please..... get them a sitter for the evening!

10: Designated Drivers or Limo service - It seems like a broken record, but there's really nothing that can ruin the memory of a great wine night then a crash or doooiy (DUI). Water is good for hydration but it doesn't sober people up quick enough in order to drive. Post signs up at the front door or take people keys if you have to.

All these things can aid in the effort to host the perfect wine party. Of course there are things that I left out or forgot, but please leave your suggestions in the comments! Cheers~


Garen said...

ha ha... I like the DUI driver. That is a must if you don't want to turn your night into a bad night. You do have to have a variety of food to pair with a good wine. That is a must.

A little childish but a wii helps too. Nothing like video game for all you nerds out there ;)

Anonymous said...

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Carolina Esguerra Colborn said...

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