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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Do wine bloggers have an impact on consumer purchasing?

With the mind-boggling influx of self-published wine journals and weblogs, many wineries, wine marketing firms, and mainstream wine media folks may be contemplating this question quite seriously.

How many blogs out there are like this one? (having posted more than 500 wine reviews)

Last year my little "hobby blog" called The Blog Wine Cellar received more than 60,000 unique visitors. Now whether or not these web surfers give a damn about what is said here on this space is inconsequential, it's still a staggering amount of eyeballs.....

Now, take my blog and multiply it by at least a thousand and you all of a sudden have 60,000,000 eyeballs. Yes that's right.....Sixty million people visiting wine blogs.

Still wondering if we make a difference?


Howard said...

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Unknown said...

However, you gotta realize as a winemaker, I don't have a thousand samples to send out. However, I do believe blogs can have an impact but the audience and wine have to match.


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The Big Fat Wine Co. said...

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