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Thursday, August 05, 2010

CALNATURALE Premium Organic Wines

I'm always excited to taste the newest wave of organic wines that are increasingly being put out in the market. These wines are unique in that they are the first and only C.C.O.F and Q.A.I. certified organic wines from California that have ever been placed in the "Tetra Pak" packaging. CALNATURALE has actually been around quite awhile (since 1980) and pride themselves on being environmentally responsible, premium wine producers.

They were kind enough to send The Blog Wine Cellar a couple samples for review, in order to help spread the word of the quality of their wines. As usual I will give my honest opinion of the wines, without any bias or pretense.

I have to be honest when I say that the first thing that comes to mind when sampling wines in this sort of packaging is "Where's the spit bucket?"

However, those of you that have been following the quality trail of wines packaged in both box and tetra pak, may not be quite surprised to find great tasting juice in these vessels. The box wine revolution is well under way and if you search the web for articles on the subject, I'm sure you'll find many who agree.

2008 CALNATURALE Cabernet Sauvignon - Paso Robles - French Camp Vineyard

Vineyard designate Cabernet Sauvignon in a Tetra?? Awesome!!

On the nose I get aromas of natural blackberry fruit that combine with black currant, licorice, spice, and hints of graphite. There is also a slight touch of soil and fresh tar if you over-analyze it like I always do!

On the palate the wine shows big bold flavors of blackberry, licorice, currant, pencil shavings, dark chocolate, and oak. It's quite a bold effort with a significant tannin structure and a medium length finish.

The wine actually improves quite a bit in the glass and the tannin that was once quite chunky and harsh right when I opened the wine, smooths out and becomes quite pleasant on the finish. I can see this wine pairing excellently with a seasoned flank steak and all sorts of grilled meats. In fact, if your having an outdoor BBQ this fall and need a good tasting wine, packaged in a fool-proof bottle, then this is perfect! 86 points

2009 CALNATURALE Chardonnay - Mendecino

This Chardonnay is really a fabulous representation of the varietal and exactly what a person would look for in a Chardonnay void of over-manipulation or too much spice. It's well balanced, has nice acidity, and is packed with crisp fruit flavors.

On the nose I get aromas of poached pear, yellow apple, vanilla, and citrus blossom. I would suggest pouring this wine into a "high dollar" bottle like a Far Niente or something of the like, and tasting your wine friends on it! Then reveal the true nature afterwords and I guarantee you'll have people changing their minds on how they perceive the wine world.

On the palate I get very intense pear flavors that combine with apple, citrus, and hints of toasted oak and vanilla. I enjoy the sleek and refreshing style this wine displays and the nice crisp acidity. 86+ points

To wrap it up I guess you could say I'm actually really impressed by the quality of this product. If your interested in learning more about these wines and where to pick them up locally then visit their website here: CALNATURALE

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