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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wines of Chile - 2010 Blogger Tasting

I recently had the opportunity to taste 8 really great wines from Chile and experience several different representations of Chile's terroir and the wonderful grapes they can produce there. I'd like to thank Wines of Chile for this opportunity and entrusting me with their amazing wines and giving the world a glimpse into some of their fine red wines. This post will contain a small review of each of the wines I tasted and then I plan on giving each wine in the tasting it's own dedicated post with more detail on production and technical data. 

Wines of Chile is an organization committed to promoting the quality and image of Chilean wine throughout the world. It has offices in Santiago, London, and New York, as well as representatives in Canada, Ireland, and Denmark, and also works closely with ProChile to develop and offer promotional and educational programs in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Wines of Chile’s 76 member wineries belong to Vinos de Chile and represent 85% of Chile’s bottled wine exports.

1. 2005 Valdivieso Eclat - Maule Valley
Nose: Very nice red fruit, red raspberry, red currant, cranberry, hint of fruit roll-up, slight touch of oak.
Flavors: Bright cherry, hints of white pepper, oak, tart, sweet tannin, soft texture, long finish
Score: 89+ points

2. 2006 De Martino Single Vineyard Old Bush Vines "Las Cruces" - Cachapoal
Nose: Blackberry, hint of vanilla, touch of burnt wood, creme de cassis, decadent chocolate truffle, dirt, wet soil.
Flavors: Big, dense, delicious black fruit, blackberry jam, ripe currant, rich dark chocolate raspberry, big tannin, round rich texture, tart, rich, big berry finish.
Score: 92 points

3. 2008 Estampa Gold Assemblage Carmenere - Colchagua Valley
Nose: Hints of eucalyptus, black currant, anise, black cherry, dark chocolate, cedar, pepper, lots of oak and vanilla.
Flavors: Spicy oak, black cherry, lots of vanilla and toasted wood notes, heavy bitter tannin of finish.
Score: 84+ points

4. 2008 Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere - Colchagua Valley
Nose: Raspberry, oak, burnt toasted wood, soil, mineral, rock, ripe fruit, eucalyptus-mint, distinctly Colchagua with it's soil driven flavors, touch of cacao, teriyaki, exhaust pipe!
Flavors: Creamy milk chocolate, raspberry, toasted oak on finish, firm tannins, long finish.
Score: 88 points

5. 2006 Maquis Lien - Colchagua Valley
Nose: Vanilla, creme, red cherry, soil, eucalyptus, graphite, black pepper, blackberry.
Flavors: Rich, delicious, red and black fruits, natural rustic fruit, powerful, big tannin, touch of alcohol on finish. Improves dramatically with aeration. 
Score: 86+ points

6. 2008 Hacienda Araucano Clos de Lolol - Colchagua Valley
Nose: Very pretty nose, spicy, dried herb, floral, mixed dark berry, chocolate, hint of eucalyptus, Cab Franc very prevalent in bouquet.
Flavors: Delicious candied fruit, toast, raspberry, chocolate, fruity, touch of spicy oak, medium length finish. 
Score: 89 Points

7. 2007 Emiliana Coyam - Colchagua Valley
Nose: Black Pepper, dark chocolate 80% cacao, black cherry, soil, crushed stone, hint of eucalyptus.
Flavors: Savory, rich, black raspberry, creamy, big tannin, good acid, nicely balanced.
Score: 90+ points

8. 2007 Casa del Bosque Gran Estate Selection Private Reserve
Nose: Big, rich black raspberry, graphite, touch of soil and eucalyptus-mint, creme de cassis
Flavors: Rich texture, creme de cassis liquor, black raspberry, scorched earth, intense, long finish
Score: 91 points

I was really impressed with these wines and the quality and depth in complexity that they showed. Each one was distinct, but when tasting the wines from Colchagua there were lots of the same soil notes and a distinctive eucalyptus quality that I found fascinating. 

I'd like to give a special thanks to Fred Dexheimer and his distinguished panel of vineyard representatives, Wines of Chile, and Morgan Perry and the folks over at the thomas collective.


Latin Lovin Eatin Grubbin said...

Great review! I was always a big fan of the Coyam and Casa del Bosque. I've been looking for someone to do this comparison. Thanks. I'll keep checking back with your blog!!

Rachele said...

It was an awesome event, wasn't it? Every single wine was fantastic. It was a great evening to hang with other wine bloggers and I thought Fred did an excellent job. Can't wait to do another. The folks at TCC really took care of me. My box went to the wrong address and the folks who received it "knew nothing about it" so TCC sent me out another box. I would have been super bummed to have missed that experience.

Anonymous said...

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