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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

James Suckling launches

Just in case you were wondering what had happened to Wine Spectator's James Suckling....

He has launched!

Is this his attempt to take over Robert Parker's Jr. place in the wine world as the premier wine critic? I have always wondered who would finally challenge Mr. Parker and try and take over the reigns, power, and prestige that Parker has solely dominated over the last few decades.

In my honest opinion James Suckling has always had a respectable palate, but comes across as slightly elitist and somewhat of a blow-hard. However, I won't write him off as becoming the next big thing in the wine critic world now that he's not under the Spectator umbrella. I think it was wise of him to branch off and hope that he can maintain a following, because he obviously knows his shit and has tasted far more wine than almost everyone on this earth.

I know I'll be watching his site and reading his reviews.....

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