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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kan-Chiku Jun-Nai Dai-Ginjyo - SAKE

Now I won't pretend to be an expert in this category because I am far from it....However, I did want to review this sake like I would any other wine, and tell you about it's aroma profile and flavor nuances. Here's what the back of the label says:
"From the majestic and beautiful lush mountains of Nagano, Japan, comes smooth, fruity, dry Sake made in the traditional hand-made style. Over the past 350 years, sixteen generations of one family has devoted themselves soley to producing the finest Sake imaginable. Kan-Chiku Jun-Nai Dai-Ginjyo."
Now on the nose I get a beautiful baked banana bread aroma that is accompanied by a distinct salty sea water, and faint hints of coconut oil.

On the palate this sake is extremely smooth and has a very round texture that glides over your tongue. Now, at first this Sake almost appears to be sweet on the palate but finishes clean and quite dry. I think that the alcohol gives the Sake the false appearance of sweetness which tends to be very common in wines made with grapes as well. The fact that there isn't an abundance of fruit flavor and tannin to mask this illusion of sweetness makes this all the more evident. Really Cool!!

The salty and savory thing that I mentioned I noticed on the nose definitely manifests itself on the palate as well. I get this sea salt and calcareous mineral thing that is really interesting and I think that's where a wine enthusiast will start to understand this Sake. The banana thing is something I tend to always express when drinking fine Sake. Not sure if I'm the only one who always gets that???

Anyways, as far as my experience with Sake will allow me, I'll say that I believe this is really high
quality rice wine. Very nice indeed.....Sushi please :)

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