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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wine Gifts Ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is upon us and if you're like me then you still haven't finished all your holiday shopping. These days there is such a great variety of wine gifts we can give to all of our enthusiast friends! One gift in particular that my wife gets me every year is a great wine magazine subscription like Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast.

 Below are a few links if you'd like to check out the current prices on these great wine subscriptions:

Another great wine gift for Christmas is of course the many different wine baskets that are available. These are awesome because not only do they have great wines in them but they sometimes contain all sorts of neat wine gadgets that your wine buddies or close ones will love.

Below is a link to's selection of holiday wine baskets: gift baskets

Finally some of the best things you can get for that special person this holiday season are all the various wine gizmo's and gadgets that are available. Decanters, Aerators, Stemware, Wine Keys, and many other great wine lover accessories are readily available this season.

Below are just a few items you may check out:

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