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Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrate Valentine's with Champagne and Flowers!

Valentine's day is the perfect time of year to show that special man or women in your life that you really love them and cherish their presence in your world. This year I plan on surprising my wife with a great bottle of Champagne and some beautiful flowers.

For a long time I was apprehensive about buying flowers for my loved one's because I figured that they would just wilt away and die. Perhaps it's because of the many relationships I have had in the past where I can remember buying those beautiful bouquets for girlfriends only to later find out that they didn't mean much to them.

Recently I have changed my mind about flowers and have realized that although they do eventually die, that their presence while alive is what makes them worth ever living moment. In fact, flowers draw beautiful parallels with humans in that we can only enjoy them for a short moment in time and then everything eventually turns to dust. Why not celebrate our living moments with the beautiful and precious things that surround us in this world; things that can make us feel closer to divinity and earth's purity, things that remind us of the fragility of life.

While searching through the many online websites that deal with flowers and delivery, I was really impressed with the beautiful bouquets and arrangements that 1800Flowers has to offer. Their selection is really quite amazing and they have just about everything that one could ask for when picking out the perfect Valentine's gift.



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