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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

2006 Campo Viejo Rioja Reserva

It's actually been a while since I have tasted a Rioja, so I'm super delighted to share my thoughts on this wine. Bodega de Campo Viejo has a generous history as a winery in Spain's premier wine making region and for those of you who frequent this wine category, I'm sure you have tried a bottle or have at least seen the classically designed label on display.

This particular wine is primarily made with the Tempranillo grape variety, and also has bits of Graciano and Mazuelo blended into the final wine. It was aged for 18 months in oak and was also held in bottle for an additional 18 months before release.

The wine is a lightly colored red and when glancing at the wine in my glass it reminds me of what a lot of California Pinot Noir looks like. It's core is ruby red, but the wine is really quite transparent around the edges and almost a dark pink shade. In more ways than one, aged Tempranillo-based wines often do remind me of Pinot Noir (stylistically).

On the nose I get a bouquet of black plum, cedar-spice, leather, sweet tea, and hints of cherry cola. The nose is actually very complex and to be honest is my favorite part of this wine. I even get a hint of rose petal on the bouquet, which is quite intriguing.

On the palate the wine is very classic and European in style. What do I mean by "European"?? Well, I'm talking about the somewhat lighter texture and soft elegance that the wine exudes. It's a style in which I very much appreciate and one that totally agrees with my palate. The acidity is fresh and lively and there is quite a bit to tannin on the finish as well. It's a very dry wine.

The flavors I get are black plum, blackberry, rustic leather, dried herb tones, and hints of cedar. It's really like chewing on plum skin with it's tannin-rich tactile presence, but the berry fruit is also present. The finish is long with hints of vanilla and cedar that coat the palate. The only thing I can possibly criticize it just the slightest bit of heat on the finish, but it isn't all that intrusive.

This is a lot of wine for the price ($12-15) and I definitely recommend it. 88+ points

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Horny Goat Weed said...

I used to live in Rioja with my spanish ex-girlfriend and thats where I grew my love for wine, it was very cheap to buy and there were some great bottles tried I can tell you.