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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soave Attracts Attention of the American Wine Trade

Soave Growth in US Attributed to Consortium’s Progressive Marketing and Continued Production of Quality Wines that Deliver Great Value

New York, February 23 rd, 2011 ─ Long regarded as Italy’s favorite white wine, Soave is now gaining increasing popularity with America’s wine drinkers. During a seminar at this year’s ‘VINO 2011: Italian Wine Week’ (organized by the Italian Trade Commission), Soave Consortium oenologist Giovanni Ponchia announced that Soave exports to the US increased by over 20% in terms of volume and dollar value from 2009 to 2010. “The microclimates and diverse terroir in the Soave production zone give our wines unique personalities with balanced structures, beautiful bouquets and fresh acidity,” explained Mr. Ponchia. “Our wines are versatile, great to drink fresh and they pair well with international cuisines.” In addition to the overall category growth, the number of Soave producers selling their wines in the US grew by 16%.

While many younger American wine drinkers are now discovering Soave and appreciating the category’s diversity as well as the great price/value quotient, the American wine trade is re-discovering Soave aided by the Soave Consortium’s integrated marketing campaign that launched in 2010. “Our research showed that while our consumer target audience, Millenials, had little to no Soave brand awareness, the American wine trade was actually skeptical of the category feeling it was past its prime,” said Gino Colangelo of Colangelo & Partners, the Agency of Record for the Soave Consortium. “So our communications program has had a 2-track approach: introducing American wine drinkers to Soave and re-introducing the trade to the growing sales opportunity with Soave.”

In 2010, the integrated marketing program included a proactive publicity effort, press visits to the town of Soave (located between Verona and Venice in Italy’s Veneto region), sponsorship of the popular ‘Lidia’s Italy’ television program, social media including Facebook and consumer tastings organized online (‘Meet Up’ groups), a retail tasting program, regional print advertising and trade events.

The highlight of the 2011 program promises to be ‘Soave Month at Eataly,’ a promotion of Soave wines throughout May in New York City’s new retail Mecca for Italian cuisine. The promotion will include a Soave Bar in the Eataly Piazza, Soave by the glass in all Eataly restaurants, tastings in the Enoteca, a press event with Eataly principals ─ and Soave fans ─ Joe Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich, and a beautiful photo exhibit in Eataly entitled, ‘Glimpses of Soave.’ Additional 2011 activities will include print and online advertising, a continued publicity campaign, social media and retail tastings.

“We’re excited to continue the momentum we’ve established for Soave in the US,” said Arturo Stocchetti, the president of the Soave Consortium. “Ultimately the success of Soave in the US will be determined by our producers who will undertake their own marketing initiatives and most importantly, continue to make award—winning, delicious Soave wines.”

About the Soave Consortium

The mission of the Soave Consortium is to promote Soave wines — among the first wines in Italy to receive the DOC designation — to the world and protect the quality of Soave wines through the development and administration of strict production guidelines. Currently, the Consortium oversees and administrates production for 90% of Soave producers cultivating over 16,000 acres of vineyards and producing 45 million liters of Soave wine per year. For more information, visit

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