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Thursday, April 14, 2011

2008 Cono Sur Ocio Pinot Noir

Cono Sur winery was founded in 1993 and produces a pretty wide range of wines. Because I lived in South America for a few years, I got to know these wines and thought they were of considerable value for their price. The Ocio Piniot Noir is on the complete opposite spectrum in terms of price range for what I'm typically accustomed to from this winery. It rolls in at a whopping $65!!

The "Pinot Noir project" started at Cono Sur in 1999 and they have brought in an experienced Burgundian winemaker named Martin Prieur to help the current winemaking team with special vineyard management techniques and with the selection of certain terriors best suited for the varietal.

The wine is 100% Pinot Noir sourced from vineyards in Chile's Casablanca Valley and it was aged in French oak barrels for 12 months.

On the nose I get some quite amazing candied strawberry aromas. The wine smells like fresh strawberry preserves, blueberry muffins, and chocolate covered raspberry sticks. It's a fruit driven bouquet that quite honestly reminds me of some of the premium Oregon Pinot's because of it's purity of fruit and stunning delineation.

On the palate this Pinot Noir is amazingly ripe and brimming with the same bright candied strawberry fruit that I mentioned the wine had on the nose. There is also subtle hints of blueberry, and some mineral notes that accompany the red fruit flavors. To be completely honest this wine doesn't hold loads and loads of complexity. However, the "delicious factor" that it contains is way off the charts. The finish is medium-long in length and absolutely packed with ripe homemade strawberry jam.  94 points

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