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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Awards to the Argentinian design of Malbec

The “Malbec Top Design” contest, organized by WineSur, has successfully concluded. More than 200 Malbec labels were assessed by an international jury and 12 of them, were awarded a Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

During April, the Argentinian website carried out "Malbec Top Design", a wine label contest aimed at spreading the image of the Argentina’s signature varietal around the world, and which joined “Malbec World Day”, celebrated last 17th April all over the world.

More than 100 Argentinian wineries took part in the contest with their labels in four categories: artistic, classic, innovation and modern. All labels have been displayed in, where people may find an image of each, as well as their technical characteristics and their creator’s data. Besides, some comments made by the "Malbec Top Design" jury also appear there.

The winning labels

“Séptimo Día Malbec” of Bodega Séptima won Gold Medal in the artistic category. Designed by Zemma & Berton Moreno, it depicts an angel taking a break after the Creation. Undoubtedly, it is an innovative image for a Malbec, “it is as strong and surprising as the wine varietal”, this way Liz Thach, international judge of the contest, described this label.

“Aya Malbec” of Bodegas Bórbore was also awarded a Gold Medal in the classic category. “Aya” means soul or spirit and the label design, created by Boldrini & Ficcardi, reflects the spirit of lands giving birth to wine.  Fabricio Portelli, member of the jury, considered it “modern, attractive, with a sober classicism perfectly achieved.”

In the innovation category, “Siete Vacas” of Las Arcas de Tolombón winery received a Gold Medal. The story of this label is about an old sheepherder who, when he was a child, dreamt about seven cows following him in the middle of snow and white wind, at a height of 3,000 meters. The illustration was performed by Alexiev Gandman and the design made by Dizen studio. The expert Edgardo Castro pointed out: “the dreamlike evocation is the original way of describing this wine.”

In the modern category, “Kaiken Mail” of Bodega Kaiken also achieved a Gold Medal. Mai means “first” in the Pehuenche dialect of the first inhabitants of Mendoza. Created by Williamson & Cox, this label is “an interesting label which appeals”, Mariano Braga, member of the jury, highlighted.

The Silver Medal-winning labels were as follows: “Manos” of Bodega Trapiche in the artistic category; “Finca Remota” of Mendel Wines in the classic category; “Ramanegra” of Casarena winery as an innovation and “Séptima Malbec” of Bodega Séptima as a modern label.

Finally, the 4 labels which achieved Bronze Medal were: “Urban” of O´Fournier (artistic), “Benegas” of Bodegas Benegas (classic), “Antucura” of Antucura winery (innovation) and “Alfa Crux” of O´Fournier (modern).

The jury

The jury of the Malbec Top Design contest, gathered by WineSur, consisted of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. The aim was to have different opinions about every participating label in order to enrich the final assessment through several points of view.

The judges were the following: Liz Thach, professor of Managment & Wine Business in Sonoma State University, Wine Business Institute; Debra Meiburg, Master of Wine and one of the most popular wine experts in Asia; and Paul Wagner, president of Balzac Communications & Marketing in the United States; Fabricio Portelli, director of El Conocedor magazine; Andrés Rosberg, professional sommelier, president and co-founder of the Argentinian Sommelier Association; Adriana de la Mota, consultant of foreign wines; Mariano Braga, sommelier and Communications graduate; Edgardo Castro, industrial designer specialized in Graphic; and the team of Design and Communication Departments of Área del Vino.

In order to see all the participating labels and comments, please go to

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