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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wine Erase - Drink Wine and Smile!

Yesterday I received a sample of a new wine related product that is now out in the market. It's the solution to purple teeth when your out drinking dark and inky red wine! Basically it's a special little towelette that is designed specifically for cleaning red wine stains off of your teeth and lips.

So, what I'm going to attempt to do is try the product out to see if it works. I'm going to drink a glass of dark red wine, either Cabernet of Syrah and find out if the towelette works! Sorry if this grosses you out!

Here's a picture of my teeth before the red wine:

Here's a picture of my teeth after drinking the glass of red wine:

Finally, here's a picture of my teeth after using Wine Erase:

Ok, now that I have grossed everyone out wine my close up dental pictures, you can definitely see that this product does indeed accomplish the task. I'd take a picture of the wine stained towelette too, but I fear many of you may never drink wine again if I get much more explicit!

For more information on the product just visit their website:

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