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Sunday, July 03, 2011

2007 Maldonado Chardonnay Los Olivos Vineyard

The Maldonado Family makes some really amazing small production wines in the Napa Valley and I encourage anyone looking for the true essence of the Napa to seek out their wines. I previously reviewed their other Chardonnay from the "Parr Vineyard" in Sonoma. The "Los Olivos" Chardonnay is from their Napa Valley Estate and is a great example of the complexity and depth that can be achieved with California Chard.

On the nose I get amazing aromas of fig, lemon curd, custard, caramel, golden apple, nutmeg, and toasted oak. Wow! What and amazing bouquet that's packed with intense perfume and layers of complexity.

On the palate the wine is equally compelling showing flavors of candied fig, lemon custard, pineapple, and  tropical coconut and guava. The texture is amazingly round and luscious, but the wine finishes clean and has a very balanced acidity.

This is really amazing wine and while I rate the "Parr Vineyard" even higher than this particular Chardonnay, this wine is certainly nothing to scoff at. 93+ Points

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