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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Amazing Salmon Recipe Site!

If you have ever been looking for recipes for salmon I have come accross an amazing website that contains hundreds of great recipe's from some of the worlds top chefs.

As we all know salmon is an incredibly healthy food option and one that pars beautifully with some of our favorite wines. (Such as Pinot Noir and Rose's). This website is a great link to finding really good salmon recipe's.

The site also contains other great recipe's from some of the UK's best known and renowned chef's. The site is really well organized and easy to navigate too. What I especially enjoy is how the site features seasonally appropriate recipe's and food ideas that can help to give you fresh concepts and idea's for the upcoming holiday festivities.

Browse their divine collection of salmon recipes, including Chris Horridge's salmon fish cakes recipe, a smoked salmon terrine recipe from Josh Eggleton and a salmon skewers recipe from Marcello Tully, plus text from Matthew Fort on why the fish is increasingly popular.

I highly recommend passing by this website and browsing their incredible collection of recipe's and information on Salmon and other amazing foods!

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