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Sunday, March 03, 2013

WinePoynt Allows Android Users the Ability to Follow Others with My Feed and World Feed Function

Latest social feature gives users the option to follow friends or other wine enthusiasts

AUSTIN, Texas (February 19, 2013)—WinePoynt today released a “social media” style follow feature in its latest version for Android devices.  WinePoynt gives its users smart individualized wine recommendations based on what it has learned from previous ratings. With the app’s social area unveiled less than a month ago, WinePoynt shows a growing commitment to social functionality. The new social area is divided into two tabs: My Feed and World Feed which allows the WinePoynt user the ability to click on any name in the World Feed and follow that person to see their activity in the user’s My Feed. 

“This is our first truly social offering,” Chris Taylor, president of WinePoynt said. “With a new type of social behavior available to users early in the New Year, we know2013 will be a very big year for WinePoynt. We are looking forward to the challenge of connecting with users and growing WinePoynt’s relevance in this space.”

The World Feed will display wine ratings, public notes, and changes to public lists as they happen in WinePoynt. At first, the user’s My Feed will only show a stream of their activity, but by clicking the plus sign in the top right hand corner of either the World Feed or My Feed, it will allow users to follow any of their Facebook friends who are already on WinePoynt.

Users who do not have Facebook accounts, or have not yet integrated their Facebook accounts with WinePoynt, can still select other WinePoynt users to follow in their My Feed. Every rating, public note or edit to a public list is displayed as a widget in the social area with an option to “Click to Follow.”

WinePoynt’s original social page was released for Android devices at the beginning of January 2013 and has since been deployed to iOS devices. The social pages on iOS devices will continue to offer the original social area until early March 2013. Advancing the social page for Android devices to include all activity in the World Feed allows users to choose people they are following in their My Feed, creating a social connection within the app.

For a quick overview on WinePoynt, watch their introductory video featuring Vinny, or visit

*MEDIA NOTE* Chris Taylor is available for interviews, wine education and to share more about WinePoynt’s latest features. For photos, logos, more information or to schedule an interview (or tutorial), contact Jennie Whitaker at or 512-705-7605.
About WinePoynt 
WinePoynt, an app created and launched for iPhone and Android users in 2012, is a personalized tool for wine drinkers of varying tastes and experience levels, designed to help make wine purchases easier at restaurants, retailers and bars regardless of the consumers wine knowledge. The app analyzes the likes and dislikes of the user based on wines rated in the past, and then makes personalized suggestions for individual users. The technology behind WinePoynt simply asks the app user to “Drink. Rate. Repeat.” with the promise that, “The more You Rate the better we get.”  WinePoynt also encourages users to try new wines without that fear of a negative experience, because their recommendations are personalized suggestions. Like a traveling sommelier in your pocket, the app comes in free and premium versions available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for $.99 a month or $4.99 a year. For more information go to

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