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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Purchase Bordeaux for your wine cellar

If I could tell you just one thing having had over 13 years of experience in the wine trade, is that if you're planning on building a wine cellar or filling a wine refrigerator full of wine that you anticipate holding on to and maturing over time, Bordeaux must be among your choices for purchase. Purchasing quality Bordeaux for your cellar will ensure that when you do decide to open that special bottle for that special occasion, that the wine is peaking to it's potential and full of nuance and incredible flavors.

Bordeaux unlike any other wine in the world, is wine that unfolds layers of deep complexity as it ages in the bottle. Other wines of the world cannot compete with the overall stamina Bordeaux wine possess. Yes, there are exceptions such as Italy's bold reds Barolo, Barbaresco, and Brunello, however Bordeaux also tends to increase in value over time in case of a need for resale.

The reason Bordeaux increases in value over time is because it's looked at as almost a blue chip stock. The classified "Growths" have a history and provenance unlike any other wines. They can be counted on for quality when purchased in good vintages. The have a pedigree and a trust behind the Chateau that has been forged over centuries of quality winemaking. The wines are also bought and sold on a futures market where people speculate as to their value before they are actually released to the public.

Purchasing quality Bordeaux from quality Bordeaux vineyards is a sure fire way to create a memorable and long last wine cellar. Wine enthusiasts from all over the world appreciate the wines as well and if you have a connoisseur come to the house, he/she will be impressed by the variety of quality Bordeaux you have acquired over the years. It's like collecting a great stock or incredible pieces of art. 100 – the list is out of our best-selling wines of the year!

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