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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Do wine aerators work and are they worth it?


You can simply buy a cheap decanter and pour a bottle into it rather fervently and get the same exact result. If you don't want your wine to remain in the decanter to further develop, you can easily funnel you wine back into the bottle.

I get blown away at the amount of lame ass gadgets on the market supposedly designed to help immediately open the wine and micro-oxygenate it. The Vinturi was such a hit when it came out! I'm sure it still is to this day, and the owners are making a killing off of hoodwinking wine drinkers.

I am however a major proponent of the theory that any gadget that can add to the nostalgia and ceremony of partaking of wine is valid whether or not it's actually scientifically improving or changing anything. And conclusion I would simply say don't waste your money on these type of aerators unless you just like to have fun and add to the experience.

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