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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

How to host a successful wine party

Wine parties are the best! I have been to so so many over the years. I love taking pictures of all the empty bottles at the end of the evening and looking back and remembering which ones showed the best that evening.

Conducting a successful wine party is rather easy and there are some basics that you should remember to include to make the evening into a success. Below are some bullet points to remember:

* Invite mostly wine enthusiasts and those who won't pour your vintage Bordeaux into a plastic cup and ask everyone why it tastes so damn good!

* Have sufficient quality stemware available. If you can pull together the amount you need, there are definitely glassware rentals available.

* Have a couple decanters ready for young or older wines with sediment.

* Have several wine openers available in case you misplace one.

* Keep your guests healthy and provide them with bottled water for hydration.

* Food. Get lots of foods that go well with wine. Cheese, Cheese, and more Cheese! Charcuterie (cured meats, pate, picked items, olives), a variety of Chocolate, Crackers, Bread & Olive oil. Perhaps provide an entree as well, Lasagna is great for wine parties and can be self served onto paper plates.

* Quality ambient music. Wine is a simple but sophisticated beverage. Try to provide music that won't distract from the conversation and that isn't an annoyance.

* Have "Wine Away" stain remover ready as most likely someone will spill.

* Don't fragrance your house too heavily with any potpourri or scented candles or incense.

* Make sure your restroom is fully stocked and cleaned.

* Have a good variety of wines, but require that each guest brings something good to share! No matter what they bring, don't make any remarks about the lack of quality or lower priced wines.

* Most importantly.........Relax and have fun

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