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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Why are Bordeaux wines collectible?

Bordeaux wines are probably the most collectible wines on the planet. It hearkens back to history and the incredible demand for these clarets by the English. The English press as we know drive the economy in their country and influence markets in a profound way. They of course are the press that coined the name "claret" and in speaking of Italian non-conformist wines they deemed those "Super Tuscans". Because of this powerful media and their influence over the auction market and consumer market, their has always been fantastic speculation with the top cru's of Bordeaux. It seems as every new hot vintage is deemed the 'vintage of the decade or century'.

There are of course other reason why Bordeaux is so collectible beside the media speculation and futures market. Bordeaux as we know is incredibly age worthy wine. The wines are Cabernet and Merlot based and have heavy tannin, rip-roaring acid, and balanced fruit and earth characteristics. The fast that they last long in the cellar and even gain in complexity leads collectors to covet these gems and store them for the long term.

The 1855 classification of Bordeaux was also a unique and fantastic marketing vehicle for the region. Classing the left bank chateaux into five different quality ranges created a hierarchy and a desire for the public to try the best wines. It created a incredible demand that was almost like a divide in social and economic measures. We can see evidence of that in the recent demand from the Asian market. As social status began to develop in China, it's no small coincidence that the demand for first growth wines (in particular Chateau Lafite Rothschild) started a frenzy and drove the prices on the international market skywards. I won't dive too much more into the subject because books and movies have been created about it all!!!

The last reason I believe these wines are so collectible is the quality and provenance and history of quality. You can almost always count on a classified wine from Bordeaux to show you immense quality in a good vintage. You can trust Bordeaux. It's not a fad or something that is being discovered for the first time. The wines and Chateaux have a reputation to uphold and hence the reason for consistency.

Collectors and casual drinkers alike can rest assure that Bordeaux will remain the top blue chip wines to collect for the time being. To learn more about the subject of collectible Bordeaux and why it's so special, check out my previous posts on the subject:

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