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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A very high quality Trader Joe's wine for $3.99

So, I've sampled quite a few Trader Joe's selections under the $10 price point and only a very few have made my list of items that I would recommend or even go back and purchase multiple times. Yesterday I decided to buy a few different selections and see if there were any keepers. So I filled up my little hand basket with about three or four selections

I think I grabbed a Primitivo from Puglia, Italy, a Grenache/Tempranillo blend from somewhere in Spain, and a California Pinot Noir that was on an end-cap display. I usually buy imports from Joe's because they are usually the inexpensive items that tend to show a better varietal integrity, so I held little hope for the little $3.99 Pinot from California. After all...How good could a Pinot Noir be for under five bones??

Turns out my assumptions this time around weren't exactly spot on. In fact, I think I may have had the first wine under $5 that I have actually enjoyed. No, it wasn't the best wine or the most profoundly complex selection, but it was remarkably serviceable. Are you ready? Here she is:

2013 Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir - California

The wine was soft, light, elegant, and showed good purity of fruit. The cherry essence that the wine exudes both on the palate and the nose were very much fitting of the name on the label. There was also a bit of spice brought on by some type of oak treatment whether it was oak chips or oak staves, I have not a clue....but hard to imagine barrel fermentation at this price point. However they accomplished this nicely balanced wine, I will be returning to Trader Joe's tomorrow to pick up a case. 


Morten said...

It is great to find good wine at that price.

Kazue Watanabe said...

I agree with you that this wine is great! I bought a bottle last week and got four more today. I especially enjoy the softness which is very rare for wine of this price range.