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Monday, March 07, 2016

How to Dress for a Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is always a good choice to have a fun and pleasant time! When you are surrounded by wine, good people and nice weather the last thing you will think about is your outfit. Rather so it’s important to have an appropriate look for a wine tasting. Even if you are not a wine lover, spending time at a wine tasting can be a great experience. These days, you can find a lot of wineries that offer quality wine. Splendid houses, amazing gardens, good food, breath-taking places and interesting people are the reasons why you should spend time at a wine tasting.

With comfort, style and patience you can find the perfect outfit for your event. Here are some dressing tips for your next wine tasting experience.

Tip#1 Wear comfortable shoes, for example glamorous sneakers or ballerina flats. During the wineries you tend to stay more on your feet than seated, and that’s why feel-good footwear is number one priority.

Tip#2 You can opt for casual clothing, like a blazer or a denim skirt. Usually when you are in doubt and you don’t know what to wear go for denim. You can choose from the red dress to other types of dresses, skirts or denim shorts that are acceptable at this kind of events. The wine events are taking place in casual venues so you can wear with confidence a basic outfit.

Tip#3 A smart choice is to quit the lipstick because you don’t want to slathered the goopy lipstick on the wine glass. We suggest you to go for a lip balm or a light lip gloss that won’t transfer and will also make your look natural and feminine.

Tip#4 When it comes to hair go for a messy and uncomplicated hairstyle. Wear your hair in the easiest style possible like a pony-tail, a flower bun or waves. Wear a hat for a more stylish approach like a Panama or a Fedora hat.

Tip#5 Try to avoid white clothing because usually at this kind of events you can end up slipping red wine on your favorite white shirt and the stain will never go out. Usually it’s indicated to leave your light-colored clothes at home.

Wine tasting are casual events where people like to chat and have fun. Just go for a casual look that will make you feel comfortable all day long.

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